Gregg Montante



“If you have the opportunity to work with Gregg Montante, be ready for your world to change! I have seriously seen so much shift in my life since working with him. He has helped me in finding my voice, my talent, my confidence and my sound."

The words of San Diego singer/songwriter, Gloria Taylor, tell the story — whether Gregg is helping you to develop your song into a finely tuned production, or turning your existing recording into so much more than you thought it could be — he is a first-rate, professional producer who puts you and your musical vision first.

One size doesn’t fit all.

Because Gregg is an experienced music producer, he knows no two artists are alike, so there is no “formula” to his production approach. He’s an accomplished studio player and songwriter who can draw inspiration from all musical genres to help you craft your unique sound and style.

It’s your time.

Now is an exciting time to be a musician, because at last you have the power to reach millions of people with your music... and Gregg can make sure you reach them with a production that is authentically you.


Alan Sanderson - Grammy-award-winning Engineer, Producer & Owner, Pacific Beat Recording, San Diego

“I've been working with Gregg for over 20 years now, and have done hundreds of sessions with him. Whether it be rock, blues, jazz or pop, Gregg can handle any style/genre of production. Not only is he one of the best studio guitar players around, but also when it comes to songwriting and arrangement, his musical intuition is world-class. It’s a pleasure to know him; very reliable and a great hang.”

Gloria Taylor, Singer/Songwriter

“Gregg is one of the most gifted musicians I know. And on top of all that, he is so humble, so down to earth and such blast to work with. He comes up with ideas that seem to come out of thin air, and then implements them quickly. Gregg knows his way around a recording studio, adding texture, style and color that bumps songs up to the next level or two. I am in constant awe of his skills, kindness, dedication and creativity, I honestly can’t say enough about him, other than I feel blessed to know and work with him. He doesn’t carry any of that “I've worked in LA... blah blah... attitude, even though he has. In fact, he has a solid background of working with big names in LA, but you’d never know it. If you need a one-of-a-kind producer - someone who will listen to you and your dreams, and work WITH you to make them happen - Gregg is the man.”

Zamp Nicall, Emmy & Golden Globe-award-winning Music Editor, Composer & Singer/Songwriter

“Along with being a superb musician, Gregg has the instinct and patience that make him a world-class producer and arranger. After working with Gregg on albums, TV shows and music videos for over 20 years, I can say he is one of the best musicians I've ever worked with. Gregg Montante is a creative artist who can navigate any musical landscape with ease and originality.”

Taylin Rae, Vocal Coach and Singer/Songwriter

“Gregg is an incredibly accomplished musician, arranger and producer. He's taken my students' songs to completely elevated levels. I am thrilled to get new opportunities to both write and record with Gregg.”

John Boesky, husband of Nirvana Singh - Singer/Songwriter

“Gregg, I want to tip my hat off to you, applaud you, and thank you for many of the beautiful harmonies that you've woven seamlessly into the fabric of this CD. In addition, your creative, artistic use of the many instruments that you play so masterfully have made magical contributions to the texture and sounds on each of her songs. You are an extraordinary talent, Gregg, and I feel grateful and blessed that Alan invited you to participate in this cinematic musical endeavor.”

Jeannie Young, mother of Noah Young - Singer/Songwriter

“3 years ago our family met Gregg Montante, and life has never been the same! Gregg has worked tirelessly, and with great attention to detail, to produce an album for Noah that literally had me in tears the first time I heard it. Gregg is passionate about his craft. He goes way beyond what is expected, and does so with enthusiasm and heart! We not only see Gregg as a fantastic music producer, but also as a wonderful music mentor for our 17 year old son. Thank you Gregg for your dedication and for bringing the sound of such sweet music into our lives!”

Gregg Montante is a professional music producer working in San Diego, Southern California, and beyond, via the internet. 

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